Introducing Fox OS.

The Fox OS was "discovered" on discs "acquired" from Mr Fowl by means unknown.

It consists of a highly advanced computer system that is portable and networked. As most of the source code is protected by Eternity Code encryption the technology remains secret.

However we have been able to install and operate the sytem as it is but have no control over the information passing between it and the various databases that it exchanges information with.

It is certain that Mr Fowl knows of the existence of this copy of his system but as of yet has done nothing to either disable it or prevent it's use.

As all data streams in and out of the system are encrypted it is difficult to tell what information is being exchanged and with whom. But it it can be surmised that there are communications with LEP systems possibly unauthorised.

Much of the data remains encrypted but this may change!

Technical Requirements

As it was neccessary to create a version viewable using primitive mudmen technology you will require the
Flash player plugin from Adobe to view this content.

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